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Take control of the Death God, Lore, as you fight your way over the Shrine City, Luna Mora, in a bid to reclaim the wayward Lunar Queen.


(MoGiSho - Dance of Night_agdgDD13v_3 has improved keyboard movement and the ability to rebind movement to dpad for gamepad)

This is the first alpha demo of MoGiSho Project for AGDG Demo Day 13. It includes one character, the intro stage, access to the upgrade shrine and limited menu options. This is a very short demonstration and the assets are unfinished, please understand.

The game, while danmaku, is designed in the Normal and below difficulties to be accessible to beginner and more casual players while still maintaining an edge of challenge. Please try your best! (hint: use the Special as often as possible. Tap then hold the shoot button to activate it for a few seconds).

To better help me balance the stage reward please write what your first score was and how many spirit coins you were able to get, even if you were unable to win. This will let me find a proper middle ground for spirit coin distribution.

There is an option in the Shrine offering shop to help max out your moth and start the stage with full burst options. I ask that you please try the game at least once without using this first so that I might understand how everyone approaches the challenge. If you used the option and would like to reset this please go to Data in the Options section of the Main Menu and choose to Delete Data Shard (be warned this will also reset any spirit coins you may have earned, key rebinds, screen resolutions or sound volume changes you have made).

MoGiSho - Dance of Night_agdgDD13v_3: Improved keyboard & dpad movement
MoGiSho - Dance of Night_agdgDD13v_2
MoGiSho - Dance of Night_agdgDD13

Supported: Xinput gamepad (RECOMMENDED) and partial Keyboard control.

Circle ThirdKeyOfSun:


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Published14 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsBullet Hell, Casual, danmaku, moth-girl, Shoot 'Em Up, Story Rich
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


MoGiSho - Dance of Night_agdgDD13v_3.exe (22 MB)

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