New Moth Girl Shooter demo! v_4

Easy and Normal difficulty selection has been removed and replaced with two new modes: Original and Arrange

In Original Mode the intro stage from the first demo was taken in it's entirety and the difficulty was alleviated slightly, making it a more accessible experience for beginner and casual players. This is the new "easier" selection.

In Arrange Mode the intro stage was taken and remixed. New enemy formations, new background assets, a more fast paced gameplay and the bullet patterns are denser. This is the new baseline "normal" selection and I hope everyone can give it a try and see if it is fun!

New character, Sana, is available for play! She is a novice character and very beginner/casual friendly. Her shot type is 'wide shot' for easier screen coverage. She has a smaller hitbox and will automatically defend herself from taking a hit with dust (bomb) if she has any bottles in stock. *note: If her hitbox is red that means either she is out of dust or the ability to automatically defend is on cooldown*. She is currently extremely overpowered but please do have fun with her for the time being!

Lore has been altered. Her burst attack (B/O on controller and S on keyboard) can now more freely be used. It starts maxed out from the beginning and regenerates fairly quickly so please use it for dealing with harder enemies or for scoring. *note: the lower her burst gauge gets/less blue flames she has the less damage the burst attack will do. Eventually it will do less damage than your normal shot so please be aware!*

Character Blue cannot be used at this time as she is still being tweaked for fun and gameplay purposes. Maybe next time!

All moths start MAXED for this demo. This gives 5 lives, 4 continues/credits and 4 dust bottles. Sana gets a +1 dust count so she will have 5.

Added in the display options of the main menu is the ability to see your hitbox all the time if you desire. Normally you can only see your hitbox if you are holding the focus button so I hope this feature will help those who requested it!

Final notes:
1) Remember to hold the focus button (LT/L2 on controller, Shift on keyboard) when you feel you need to. This does 3 things. It shows your hitbox location (glowing blue soul dot). It slows down your own movement, making it easier to dodge tight patterns of bullets. Lastly it concentrates your attacks in front of you more readily. This is especially handy for harder targets and bosses.
2) You have a special ability. If you tap, release, and then hold the shoot button your shot will change color (and your battle portrait on the side will temporarily change). While in this state your attacks will regenerate your burst (or in Sana's case her dust) resource 3 times faster than normal. This state only lasts a few seconds but you can keep refreshing it if you want.

Thank you, everyone, for showing an interest in the project. I hope you can have some fun with this demo. I have a new full stage planned in both Original and Arrange modes for the next one! Blue should also be joining us at this time. Take care!



MoGiSho - Dance of Night_agdgDD14v_4.exe 23 MB
May 07, 2017

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